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We just had our first “real” snow of the season.

This is the top of a small tree.

CC License View

this is the tops of larger nearby trees…

it is a sunny, beautiful day!

CC License View

You can see the amount of snow by looking at the deck railing.

CC License View

Neighbor children made these “huge” snowballs!

If you look at the background trees it kind of gives you an idea how big they are.

Finally, Deb if you are reading this…my little digital camera is “smarter” then me!

Apparently, it does have zoom capability that I can control, although limited.

I knew I could make short videos with it but did not realize everything else it

could do…I know that sounds lame but, the instruction booklet did not explain any

details of the camera and I had someone who does commercial videos and camera

work look at it and explain things to me.

I learned something new today! (laughing)

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11 Responses to Snow

  1. jude says:

    oh luck you! and big snow dots.

  2. Deb G says:

    :) regarding the camera. As for the snow, oh I’m so envious! I’ve got the cold, cold weather but no snow. If it’s going down to freezing and below there should at least be snow!

  3. Great snow and wonderful pictures ! A White Christmas ahead :)

  4. julia moore says:

    Yippee, snow! I’ll tag onto your enthusiasm. Nothing like it to feel like a kid again for a few minutes. I especially like the photo 4th down, the one with the fence in the foreground and a building in the background. Looks like a quilt design. Please send the snow to the Pac. N.W. would you? Thanks, JM

  5. One year we lived in Bend Oregon where it snowed. We didn’t have a sled but my kids made one by packing a plastic contractor bag with snow, sitting in it so that it was the shape they wanted and then letting it freeze over night. They made a ramp to slid down off the deck. They had a lot of fun with this hand made toy. It is nice when kids use their creativity and what is at hand to play with.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Before the snow a neighbor put a big cardboard box out for their 2 year old and he played and played with
      that box. It is the simple things! : )

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