Sending love and warm wishes

CC License View

a cherub with beads…

CC License View

a snow scene…

CC License View

a beaded tree…

CC License View

Christmas trees…

CC License View

cherub postcard…

CC License View

a magical snowy scene…

CC License View

This fabric postcard is for a friend who loves roosters and chickens…

Christmas postcards continue…

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6 Responses to Sending love and warm wishes

  1. I love the rabbit, too, playing the violin, no less. You have a beautiful “mix and match” of colors. xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you so much and thank you for stopping by.
      I took a peek at your blog and I really like the little
      quilt you have in the “header”.
      Very nice.
      : )

  2. julia moore says:

    Just magical. So much better than Hallmark!

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