doll making

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Yesterday I thought I would be doll making most of the day but, other things consumed my day.

I was preparing for Thanksgiving as I will be working the day before and after Thanksgiving.

I was able to “lay the foundation” for today.

I prepared the fabrics and finished creating the pattern and cut the pieces out.

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Some pieces were “coffee dyed”.

That is one of my favorite ways to tone down fabric.

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Yes I do try to create my own patterns…..I use whatever is on hand to create the pattern i.e. newspaper.

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pieces of the doll are being assembled….

more later today!

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2 Responses to doll making

  1. susan says:

    oh, now you’ve got me curious. i’ll try to be patient!
    i’v finally got everything ready for my christmas trunk show (well except for the pricing and labeling!).

    • ancientcloth says:

      I hope the “big reveal” is worth the wait…lol : )
      What show are you doing? What will you be putting in the show?
      Thank you for your kind words.

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