Bright Long night moon

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I have not embroidered the face yet…I am waiting to inwardly hear how it should be done.

Sometimes it seems you know right away…and then other times it is not clear.

I am calling this moon a “She moon” and the quilt piece is called Long Night Moon and

this is December’s quilt piece.

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12 Responses to Bright Long night moon

  1. julia moore says:

    Now I will be watching to see how this month’s She moon develops.

  2. ancientcloth says:

    Yes, this is a work in progress (wip) as
    most of what I have going on here is…lol.
    : )

  3. I love these longer nights we are having in the northern hemisphere, and “bright long night moon” is a perfect image for December! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      The longer nights make me want to go to bed way too early…by 7p.m.
      lol! Living in the Northeast it seems by 3:30 it is already getting dark and
      for sure by 4:30. I feel like a bear : )
      Anyway, thank you. I am doing a moon series for each month and in Native
      Traditions they have a name for each month. Hence, December…Long Night Moon.
      : )

  4. yvette says:

    curious…come back to look at the result


  5. Jill says:

    Beautiful – i love the patience, the waiting that comes with stitching by hand. I have just read your intro piece about keeping it simple … wonderful :)

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you. I really was not one to sew by hand that often unless I was doing
      embroidery or needlepoint. Then one day I was forced to do so…
      My sewing machine stopped working and then
      everything was put into storage for a while and I had only my needle
      and thread. Thus, began my journey.
      : )

  6. pamela says:

    Perfect for a December quilt.
    She is hiding her face here at the moment.

  7. Deb G says:

    Love this! So true about how somethings you know right away, other things need to wait….

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you. I am still contemplating her face.
      I have put the piece in a spot where I can see it so
      it reminds me to think about what she needs.
      I have been thinking about your wonderful blog and that coffee drink this morning…
      I am going to have to make that one today!
      : )

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