Rose postcard done

CC License View

close up of beading….

CC License View

another view…

I have pieced together Long Night Moon, the December quilt piece for the Moon series I am

doing. I hope to work on that later today.


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6 Responses to Rose postcard done

  1. julia moore says:

    I love rose moon. The little silver beads remind me of the silver dragees my grandma used to sprinkle on her Christmas Sugar Cookies. One year I had a rose bloom in my garden at Christmas time. Anything is possible. The friends who receive your post cards are fortunate indeed.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Well, this one is just a rose postcard for my 96 year old grandmother.
      (I am doing a Moon series for each month which is different.)
      I agree, those little silver beads do remind me of sprinkles on sugar cookies.
      I have seen roses bloom in winter…that is when you know there are no limits
      (what we call miracles.) Thank you for your kind words…
      : )

      • julia moore says:

        OMG! I have a 96 y.o. mother-in-law! What a trip! But she is blind so I can’t make art stuff for her anymore. Boo.

      • ancientcloth says:

        I am so thankful to have my grandmother but, I am far from her : (
        I love to hear the stories she tells. She was a cotton farmer.
        I hope you can spend time with your grandmother even though
        she can not see. I bet she has stories to tell : )

  2. Lovely fabrics and embroidery. I really like your stitching and beading. Your grandmother will be delighted :) a gift of love.

  3. ancientcloth says:

    Thank you! I enjoy beading and stitching. I know my grandmother will get a “kick” out of receiving
    that in the mail. Yes, a gift of love : )

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