Blue moon…

worry doll

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I was out today and came across this “worry doll” and it seemed appropriate for the day.

close worry doll

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It made me smile…which was a good thing. So, I brought it home.

Usually it seems “worry dolls” are very tiny but, this one was just the right size.

I did a little research and found:

In the  Guatemalan traditions you use one of six worry dolls each night. The child (or the adult) tells a worry to the doll, then puts it under his/her pillow for the night.  For six nights in a row they tell a worry to one of the dolls before slipping it under their pillow. Each doll will combat the worry overnight, hopefully providing the child/adult with better sleep.

No, I will not be sleeping with the doll nor, will I be talking to it but, it did make me smile and it is to remind me

that it is ok.

We all have mountains to climb and challenges and the color that comes to my mind is blue

speaking of blue….I was working on frosty moon.

frosty moon words

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the words…

frosty moon

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I also worked on this…

heart breaking

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red stitching around the crow…

crow and feet

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Working on the crow to stitch it down and  added the feet. He is cut out of babywale corduroy.

ice and fire

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I decided to move into something warmer and cozy feeling since the day had been so blue

pumpkin 2

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cat pumpkin

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the cat and the pumpkin : )

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6 Responses to Blue moon…

  1. Deb G says:

    Your crows really are fantastic!

  2. ancientcloth says:

    Thank you! I have a fascination with them.
    When I walk outside and hear them..I wonder
    what message are they telling me? Are they
    squawking about my presence or something else??
    Pretty cool totem birds.

  3. I did not know this about the worry dolls. I really appreciated your telling us. I have seen them knew what they were called but totally didn’t know the “rest of the story”.

    What would our worry dolls look like if we made them. I love the idea of a worry doll for a child. Especially when their hormones are so out of wack at times… I can see this helping.

    I want to read some more…you have been really busy!!

    • ancientcloth says:

      At one point in my life my worry doll would have had suitcases
      stacked on her back! lol! Everyone needs a way to let go of worries…
      I think for young children it is a great would help them focus
      their intention. : )

  4. I love all those french knots that frame your pumpkins…a nice detail.

    Wow working with corduroy for the crow would be hard to do…although it worked!! Gave it a softness to your quilt as well…

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you! I love the texture french knots add to any piece.
      Well still wondering about the corduroy…not done with that
      piece…will see??? It is much prettier/softer in person : )

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