the man said the magic words…

Well, you have probably noticed that I started using this picture for my blavatar or whatever

the folks call it:

heart 12

CC License View

I was showing the man and he said “hey, that looks like an ancient cloth

Those were the magic words I needed to hear.

I actually had intentions of beading the whole heart but, I like the half beaded heart

especially in context of the whole picture (not shown yet.)

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4 Responses to the man said the magic words…

  1. I love your half heart ~ it leaves room for the unexpected!

    Is blavatar a cross between blog and avatar, I wonder? I love all the new words that are being created, but I do wish “blog” had been something else, so that I could say “I’m vignetting” or “storying.” Anything but “blogging!”

    We will have to forge ahead and choose our own magic words, like “Ancient Cloth.” So beautiful!! xo Kari

    • ancientcloth says:

      You have a beautiful way of looking at things and I love your perspective of
      “leaving room for the unexpected”. I agree about the word “blogging”. I remember
      the first time I heard that word and it sounded so “crude”. Like, what is that???
      I do believe that blavatar is a combination of blog and avatar??? But, who knows???
      Yes, I agree. Id rather be storying or vignetting, much more pleasing to the ears.
      I like magic words! Thank you : )

  2. jude says:

    this came out really nice….

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