Renaissance Woman gift….

Halloween card

CC License View

This came in the mail for me unexpectedly! It came from a dear friend whom I consider the only

Renaissance woman I have ever met!

She is with out a doubt one of the most talented women I know.

She is a “quiet” quilter, although recognized beyond belief.

(If she had a blog I would share it with everyone but, she does not.)

She is a master gardener. A Halloween costume maker!

A painter, sketch artist and the list goes on.

Most of all she is a dear friend whom I treasure!

The name of the fabric is Winter Solstice and it will go into a quilt that is already a work in progress.

Thank you dear friend! : )

Winter Solstice fabricCC License View

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4 Responses to Renaissance Woman gift….

  1. arlijohn says:

    Great fabric. I have worked with it and it has a great hand besides being beautiful.

    • ancientcloth says:

      Yes…I agree. So beautiful and a special gift from a dear friend.
      I look forward to working with the fabric. Thank you so much : )

  2. Great theme for a quilt.
    This friend sounds like a true Renaissance woman.
    Nice fabric.

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