Acorn colors…


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I snapped a picture of these acorns and noticed all the different colors! Nice…

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5 Responses to Acorn colors…

  1. I love the colors in the acorns. It is a sign that winter is coming.
    Have you ever tried to make a whistle out of the acorn cap? It is kinda a life saving thing, in a way. If you got lost in the woods it would be easier to blew a loud whistle our of an acorn cap than to scream. And the whistle is so loud that if you get good at it you can hurt someone’s ears standing next to you.
    I learned this in girl scouts.

  2. Beautiful still life of this lovely Season ! I had never heard of whistling through an acorn cap. Worth trying. Only yesterday did I try to whistle for my nieces with a blade of grass… no success :(

    • ancientcloth says:

      Thank you! I was not able to whistle through grass either and did not learn how to whistle until I taught myself in my twenties lol : )
      I have never heard of whistling with an acorn cap either…fun idea.

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