It comes in many forms


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beaded Imagine

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(This is the first puzzle pieces I did and I think it is the one I will send in.)

Sometimes it is the smallest things that can give the greatest inspiration. I am sure you

have seen an article or someone said something or you see an object and the “lightbulb”

comes on!!!  That happens to me all the time. Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places.


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Imagine…I like that!

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6 Responses to It comes in many forms

  1. arlijohn says:

    How cool!

    • thepilgrimmage says:

      thank you : )
      It is good therapy to sit and
      quietly stitch and bead…lol
      I really enjoy the whole artistic

  2. I love the stitches spiraling out of ‘imagine’. It give us the idea that we don’t end up where we begin but instead we expand and grow.

    These are so cool.

    Is there going to be a display of these somewhere. I hope that if they put them together their will be a link where we can see the quilt!!

    Is there a pattern on line?

    • thepilgrimmage says:

      Thank you. I like the way you see the imagine.
      I did not even really think about the expanding and growing, but you are right.
      The actual puzzle pieces are cardboard and they could be decorated in any fashion i.e. paper, glitter, etc. I chose to do a quilted and beaded type thing and if I have enough time I am going to paint a couple of them. So it is not really a quilt. Just decorated puzzle pieces put together. I am not sure where it will be displayed.
      I can send it to you if you like??

  3. Deb G says:

    Imagine if the puzzle fit together? I like how that works.

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