Great Spirit

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I have been working on puzzle pieces for a project at work. People will be sending in pieces

from all over the country. It is suppose to be related to breast cancer…why??? who knows????

Anyway, I have been working on several pieces and I will choose which one to send.

This particular piece has to do with Spirit and remembering who we are.

puzzle piece one

The little clay “face”  bead is made by a local artist. It is so amazing! and tiny!

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Spirit puzzle piece

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I am still working on this piece. I have much more stitching and beading to do.

Spirit puzzle piece1

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I refuse to focus on the issue only on a positive perception.

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6 Responses to Puzzle

  1. Fabulous project, beautifully creative.

  2. mendofleur says:

    I like the idea of a puzzle as a symbol for the search of self. So many pieces go into a whole to form a whole person. Wonderful elements and stitching in this.

    • thepilgrimmage says:

      Thank you. I agree, we are very complex
      beings/spirits. I will be posting more photos soon.
      Thank you for your kind words. : )

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