Pumpkin happiness

Pumpkin doll closeup

CC License View

A doll I have made. I drew a pattern, then stuffed it and sewed it and then painted the entire body.

The arms are made of sculpey clay. (not shown yet).

Forgive my obsession with fall colors and pumpkins. It really is my favorite time of year.

Also, I saw pictures of an artist studio, Sara Lechner, and they are amazing. I have always

been interested in straw bale construction. Check it out:

Sara Lechner on flickr ( under search type in studio.)

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4 Responses to Pumpkin happiness

  1. Deb G says:

    This is fun! I’ve been wanting to make dolls with paper mache heads, hands, feet for a long time. Oh for more time to play….

    • thepilgrimmage says:

      Thank you! My goal has been to get back to doll making too.
      I used to make dolls and I have been without a sewing
      machine until recently. A friend gave me one. It just needs
      a “tune-up” and I will be ready to go! And yes, more time
      would be useful : ) .

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