Fall together

2 magic 2gether1

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I have added a strip of green fabric to join Fall Magick and Night Magick.

Fall magick and night magic

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The leaves are turning in full force now and within another week it will be a complete rainbow of fall colors.

I have decided to stay with fall colors for now and continue this theme. As I know myself better I realize

I have always been attracted to warm tones and jewel tones. Colors that are deep and rich in color.

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6 Responses to Fall together

    • thepilgrimmage says:

      Yes, I have been busy. Trying to focus more on the creative side!
      I have been missing it for months. Thank you.

  1. Deb G says:

    P.S. I meant that as productive, not busy looking….

  2. Your colors are so warm and vibrant. I really like the images and your story.

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