Night Magick and a Secret

night magick in the morning light

CC License View

This is a pumpkin (squash) spirit. Night Magick in the morning light.

At first this piece was going to be called laughing night spirit

because I imagined it as a grinning and laughing squash. Round and jolly….

Well, I have a secret….

secret face 3

CC License View

After spending way too much time on the face….I was not happy with it. I really

wanted a gentle face. So I took out the sharpie and drew one. I decided to leave the face alone.

No embroidery over it. I like the gentleness and softness of the “sharpie”  face. Underneath it all

the pumpkin squash spirit is laughing….

(Since this picture I  have fixed the face edge on the left side, as I stitched it imperfectly.)

More pictures to come on this one.

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