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I want to say thank you again to everyone. Your heartfelt words and kindness mean so much to me <3

I have taken some time off from work. At first I thought I would just work right through

all the transitions that are taking place but, I realized that on a deeper level I needed time

to grieve and heal.  I plan on spending a lot of time healing and stitching.

Also, I have felt that in this new year I want to focus my energy in one

place. I have played with different ideas/blogs and I have decided to create a new blog

at blogger because I feel they offer so many different options.  Same name, just a new format:

You can find me here now:


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“Grief is kinda like birth only in reverse. You get the hardest feelings first and then

they spread out over time till you just hold the person in your womb with out pain,

but with love.” –Becky


November 8, 1914 – January 8, 2011

She was the “Salt of the Earth”

My 97 year old grandmother. She was so dear to me. She has been the “rudder in the waters of life” for my family, keeping us together. We knew she would leave soon but, it is always too soon.

She always spoke her mind, accepted what God gave her with such grace and always

saw the good in whatever was given. She was quick witted and “sharp as a tack”.

She read a book a day for as long as I knew her.

She worked hard during her lifetime.

She raised her brothers and sisters because

her mother passed away when she was a young girl.

She was a cotton farmer when she was younger and when she came to the city

she worked at a plant making tires. She was warm and gracious and always

made everyone feel welcome. She would make you laugh and see the humor in things.

She was the steady strong force in my life…she will be missed.


I wanted to say thank you to everyone for your kind words and comments.

It has meant so much to me during this time.

I was not able to attend my Father’s funeral, which deeply grieved me.

I know through it all, it was a gift to me.

One gift I received was a phone call I received from my sister.

She told me the caregiver for my grandmother said my grandmother was

reaching up into the room. The caregiver ask her what she was reaching

for and she responded, “Ed”.

The caregiver asked her if she was reaching for Ed? My grandmother responded, “Ed”

“Ed” was my father, actually Edwin. My grandmother called him both Ed and Edwin.

My grandmother was my mother’s mom and my Dad knew her from the time he was a little boy. He used to throw the newspaper to her.

My grandmother was seeing my dad, who just passed away….he was waiting for her, along with my mother.

I know there is a celebration in heaven….

When my sister told me this story, it brought me great comfort.

This is a time of intense transition and change on every level for me personally.

I promise I have some new things to share soon….

stay tuned.

thank you <3



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peace to you…

September 10, 1928-December 26, 2010

Daddy this is for you:

He served in the Navy for 20 years. He was a good, kind man.

He was a loving Father who was married to my mother for 50 years.

They are together now.

I am happy for them!

I love you Daddy…I will miss you.


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a little glittery hummingbird….

not really a treasure but, makes me smile.

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Daughter #2 lovingly painted this little chest for me. She spent many hours working on it while I was at work. I had no idea she was going to do this. I asked her where she got the

little chest and she said at a gift exchange at school. It was a little kit that came with paint and paint brushes.

She decided to paint an ocean wave on the front because she knows I love the ocean….

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she painted a wolf and a moon on the top of it because she is my “little” wolf spirit.

lastly, she painted a rose on the back because she knows I love them.

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I walked onto the porch and look what treasure I found there?:

They are BIG snowflakes, like I have never seen before.

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Another treasure given to me last night was when my #2 shy son sang a 1942 song, I don’t want to set the world on fire, to me.

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a little treasure/gift I made for a Swedish friend today.

“God Jul”, means “Merry Christmas”.

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It is the little, handmade things or not even “things” that are treasures to me.

Hope your having a special day.


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Winter Soul-stice

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I wanted to create a moon to represent the Winter Solstice.  With each new Solstice I can always feel  the changes taking place on every level of life.

I cut out an angel to look like a shadow just because I liked the effect of it.

When I looked at the completed picture I thought about angels and how they are unseen but, with us. So, the shadow effect was just right for the picture.

I created this picture not knowing what I was about to be told….

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I try to always write happy and positive words but, life gives us both the good and the bad or happy and sad, etc.

“But it seems to be true that we cannot have joy without its opposite, we cannot have light without the dark. Try as we may.” — Kari

I received the sad news that my 97 year old grandmother is going to leave this earth at any time now. She told my sister she had been to heaven while resting and was ready to go.

I am sure there are angels with her and angels waiting on the other side. “Angels” being perhaps my mother (her daughter) waiting for her and my grandfather.

I also got the news that my Dad is not well and will not be here much longer….I am sad because I will miss my Dad and my Grandmother . I can not be with them now. It gives me comfort knowing my sisters are watching over both of them in my absence.

For various reasons I was led to write a letter to each of them because I can not be with them. They may not be able to read what I have written but, I thought perhaps the letters

can be read to them.  It would be useless to call my dad because he can not hear me over the phone.

How do you say goodbye in a letter?

I sat at my desk  tearfully asking myself that question. Suddenly,  I looked up and saw this book that I bought quite a while ago but, was not ready to read it when I bought it:

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It is as if the title stood out to me when I looked at the book shelf.

When I bought the book I had no idea when I would ever read it. I just knew that I liked Sylvia’s books and have always learned a great deal from them.

I began to read and it gave me a peace about everything. There really is no death only

change. I am not certain what each day holds but, I find comfort  knowing that there

is more than what I ours can see or our hands can touch.


On a happier note…..

I thought I would share what I have been doing on my time off….

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I covered these unattractive 1950’s chairs with scraps of fabric. I spray painted the legs with a silver paint. I covered 4 of them with various scraps and thought I would share a bit of two of them. (please disregard the black thread that did not get cut away and the fuzz)

CC License View

I used my Guatemalan fabric for one of the chairs.

CC License View Also, I worked on this little book….


A lovely surprise came in the mail….

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This lovely fabric from:

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I can not wait to start stitching with these lovely bits of African fabric. Thank you so much Isabelle <3

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While at an Antique shop I found these needlework pieces….This one made me smile! : )

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”

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I am always touched to find such things…I imagine the time and love that someone put in to these pieces and why they were willing to part with them.

I also found this antique  Christmas postcard from the mid 1800’s…

I also found this lovely antique Christmas card.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate….

and much Peace in this time of transition from one season of life to the next.


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the gnomes are busy…

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the gnomes are busy……..

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finishing up the trees I began. I had been following Jude at Spiritcloth.

Her “gnome-like” tree is absolutely magical and the other tree hugging it

was heart warming.

I think a hug is a “gift” of love freely given…nice <3

I have decided to make my velvet tree an “angel tree”…I like that!

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this picture is for you Becky, I know you like to see the whole piece : )

CC License View

I have been making ATC cards just for the fun of it.

the top piece of the deer card is made from a brown paper bag.

I simply drew the deer and added stitching from left-over thread.

CC License View

another ATC card. No deep meaning here, just playing with things I had on hand.

CC License View

Lastly, spending time with the girls before daughter #2’s Jazz band Christmas concert.

Fun! : )

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following along…

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I have decided to follow along with Jude at spritcloth on the Holiday trees…

She has a couple of wonderful videos where she is explaining what she is doing.

She makes you feel right at home and makes it easy to follow…

: )

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and well, of course it was so much fun cutting them out and deciding on what fabrics to put

together I chose to cut out enough to make some Christmas/Holiday postcards too!

I had to use the hand dyed turquoise fabric for a tree…he!he! he!…so me!

CC License View

This picture has corduroy tree trucks from some fabric “gifted” to me…..

Also, I used a bit of wool I had for one of the trees…love working with wool. I just need

to collect more of it.

I have cut out more. I will share them when I am finished stitching them.

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I have been looking for bakers twine to wrap around gifts but, had not found it locally.

Luckily, I found this  cotton yarn that will do nicely and it was inexpensive…I like that!

Lastly, I was going through some pictures on the computer and look what I found…?

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shhhh….don’t tell…….

A picture of my very shy #2 son that he took while walking in the woods….

He has a beautiful smile but refuses to smile big for the camera….

Have a great week!


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I baked a heart shaped  chocolate Birthday cake for my youngest child.

Made her favorite food (pizza) and decorated with streamers and banners.

Hard to believe the children are growing so fast. #3 daughter and I sat and

chatted last night and she shared her dreams and goals with me. I wish I was

half as “together”, when I was her age!

My children give me “Hope” for a better


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a little gift I stitched….

I found a replica 1930’s Tea towel and was trying to figure out what to stitch on it ???????

CC License View

pecan pie! Yep…I ate the whole piece mmmm….

Eureka! I had my idea for the tea towel :)


CC License View

The inspiration for this piece came from my Christmas cards:…

Note: When I first saw the card I thought it was funny and clever. I actually enjoy

fruit cake with rum sauce. That was an annual gift from my Mother.

She did not make it but, ordered it and had it sent.

Anyway, back to the card, the picture shows a family, including the dog

throwing fruitcake into a cut out hole in the ice…lol!

More inspiration came from this book:

CC License View

I can not say enough good things about this book by Janet Bolton.

It is a valuable tool for stitching and so easy to read. She gives thorough descriptions of

“how to” stitch with loads of ideas and patterns.

CC License View

I am stitching the word “Fruitcake” on this piece and then I will be framing it.


The book by Janet Bolton tells you how to mat and frame your quilt pieces.

Have a lovely week!


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A day to be grateful

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I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and even if you do not celebrate then i wish

you a Happy day!

I have decided to take this day and write out all the things I am grateful for.

One thing I am grateful for is all the wonderful friends I have met through blogging.

It has been a wonderful journey…I have seen myself grow, change and unfold along the way and I have been touched to the point of tears, in a good way.

Speaking of change: I mentioned that my blog style was changed by WordPress so, I had

to choose a new format. In doing so, I have switched things up to a more stream-lined look.

I have moved a few recommended/favorite blogs to  the Awesome Blogs page at the top of my blog. : )

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I will be cooking today but, also stitching little gifts for the Holiday season.

I love the word “Imagine”….It has endless possibilities of  “goodness”.

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So, I am going to Imagine a wonderful day!

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